Throughout its existence, Laporte has enjoyed a steady growth both in terms of its geography and services. Each phase of our development has allowed us to expand its service line and build stronger relationships with its clients to better meet the needs of the industry.


  • Laporte recipient of the "2017 Maurice Pollack Award", which recognizes the outstanding actions of a company in its commitment to promote ethnocultural diversity.
  • Inauguration of a new office in France in Pau in the Atlantic Pyrenees, to offer a local service to a loyal clientele.
  • Relocation of the Chambly office in Saint-Hyacinthe - recognized for its dynamic economic activity.
  • Laporte employs more than 300 employees amongst its North American and European offices.


  • More than 260 employees throughout Canada, the United States, and France.
  • Three new offices  to respond to growing demands in the United States: Morristown, NJ, Boston, MA and Ontario, CA.
  • Laporte awarded for its work-life balance practices as recipient of the work-life balance prize “Prix reconnaissance conciliation travail-famille” for 2016. 
  • Creation of Laporte Euro’s subsidiary TEKNEURO which provides turn-key services in Europe. 


  • The Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia offices re-group to form Laporte Engineering Inc. 
  • Three new locations in Canada to better service client needs: Edmonton, Alberta, Waterloo, and Cornwall, Ontario. 
  • Opening of the Chicago office in the United States.


  • Laporte acquires Trimark inc., a plant engineering company specialized in agri-food and located in Lethbridge, Alberta.
  • Laporte becomes the lead engineering firm for Green Cross BT’s future LEED blood fractionation plant (a 200-million-dollar project)


  • Four Junior Associates are added to the Corporate Management team: Emilie Pelletier, David Cyr, Samuel Hillman and Pierre Thibaud. Laporte thereby affirms its desire to ensure the company’s future leaders.
  • Laporte employs 200 people throughout its 10 locations.
  • Laporte acquires Delta Field and as such establishes its third office in France. Laporte Euro now has offices in Nantes, Paris, and Lyon.


  • Laporte broadens its range of services and adds Industrial IT and Preventive Maintenance to its list of services.


  • Laporte is awarded large-scale projects in other countries (Qatar, Estonia, Morocco).
  • Opening of the second European office in Paris, France.
  • Opening of the American office, Laporte Consultants Corp., in Philadelphia.


  • Opening of the European office, Laporte Euro, located in Nantes France and managed by Pierre Thibaud.


  • The Company becomes the primary engineering consultant for several large pharmaceutical organizations offering a complete range of engineering and validation services. Awarded large-scale projects, the team grows to 70 full-time employees.
  • Laporte Consultants increases its process experience and adds packaging engineering to its list of services.


  • Significant increase of our food & beverage clients.
  • Creation of our subsidiary TEKNEMA to furnish turnkey process equipment.
  • The group has 50 full-time employees.


  • First project in Europe.


  • Addition of automation engineering and validation to our services.
  • Harold Martineau becomes a partner.


  • Dave Lalancette, Michel Gigon and François Landry become partners.
  • Opening of the Vancouver office.


  • Opening of the Toronto office.


  • Opening of the Québec office under the management of Harold Martineau.
  • Dave Lalancette, Michel Gigon and François Landry join the company.
  • By the end of the year, the group has 10 employees.


  • Start of the company by its founder Daniel Laporte.
  • Opening of the Montreal office.