Management Team

Daniel Laporte Daniel Laporte obtained his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from the École Polytechnique de Montréal in 1987 and his Master’s in Operations Management from Manchester University (England) in 1991.

After gaining 10 years of experience in pharmaceutical engineering while working in industry , Daniel founded Laporte in 1999. By 2004, he had succeeded in building partnerships with technically-skilled professionals. This helped the firm gain significant know-how, a true knowledge of the market and a genuine desire to better service the industry.

Partner and Senior Engineer, biopharmaceutical processes
Michel Gigon As a Chemical Engineer (1989), Michel has more than 23 years experience in the biopharmaceutical industry.

Michel continues to play an active role in the project design and management phases. He also plays an active role in the supervision of the process team. Combined with his counselling training and experience, the knowledge gained through his various functions in industry makes him a very relevant specialist, recognized in his area of expertise.

Partner and Senior Engineer, Food & beverage processing
Dave Lalancette Dave obtained his Bachelor’s degree from the Université de Sherbrooke in 1996 and has been active in the food & beverage processing field since the beginning of his career. He has practical factory experience, which he knows how to integrate into the design and management of projects both big and small.

Dave has a diversified body of knowledge and an accurate view of business, which make him a key player in the completion of master plans and strategic plans. Indeed, he has added value to several such mandates that were implemented for clients.

Partner and Manager, Montreal office
Francois Landry François obtained his diploma from the École Polytechnique in 1989 and has more than 23 years experience in mechanical and building and infrastructure engineering in the biopharmaceutical field.

He masters engineering concepts and has remarkable project management skills as he possesses the personal and technical qualities to ensure leadership. Also, because of his desire to offer quality service and meet the clients’ actual needs, he is able to set priorities that are in the project’s best interest.

Partner and Manager, Québec office
Harold Martineau Harold obtained his Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering from the Université Laval in 1995 and has 17 years experience in the biopharmaceutical and agroprocessing fields.

Beyond his recognized technical skills, Harold brings thoroughness and structure to the projects and the Company. He is in charge of the Québec office and uses his knowledge to guide the team and offer all of the firm’s services.