Established in North America and Europe, Laporte’s mission is to offer high-value engineering services to pharmaceutical, agrifood, and bioindustrial plants.

We are here to help you. Do not hesitate to contact us for all your project needs.

― Daniel Laporte, Founder and President


See our Corporate Social Responsibility Report: 2021 Report

Pride in Serving

Laporte is a service company, and our engineers provide quality work to our clients by helping them with construction and renovation projects at their plants. We take great pride in seeing a facility that produces food, drugs, or other essential goods for our society operating because of our contributions.


We are ethical professionals serving our clients. We have no privileged relationships, nor do we receive any rebates or commissions from builders, contractors, or other groups involved in our projects, which allows us to make impartial decisions for the benefit of our clients.

Quality and Continuous Improvement

We are specialized in engineering pharmaceutical, agrifood, and bioindustrial plants. This is the heart of our mission, and we are devoted to becoming leaders in these fields. We have worked with some clients for more than 20 years on a multitude of projects ranging from small factory improvements and maintenance to improve product quality and plant efficiency, to major investment projects.


Teamwork, communication, and mutual respect are intrinsic values of our company, not only amongst our employees but also with other professionals, clients, equipment suppliers and manufacturers. Our employees are important and deserve our respect. Thank you all for your extraordinary work.

Embracing Diversity

We have experienced strong organic growth over the past 20 years. This growth would not have been possible without the contribution of employees of all available skills, regardless of their origin. We are an equal opportunity employer, but at Laporte that means so much more to us. Our focus on developing a talented and experienced team has led to valuable contributions from employees from all over the world. We also distinguish ourselves with a very strong female presence (more than a third) even though we work in a traditionally male-dominated field.


There is a very strong sense of entrepreneurship in our company. Some of our employees have moved cities and even countries to open new offices. Our company is growing because our engineers are encouraged to develop business with existing clients and establish relationships with potential new clients. We encourage all development initiatives as long as they are consistent with our mission and values.

Health and Safety

Our job is dangerous, especially concerning the start-up phase. From defective equipment and adjusting control sequences to testing cleaning and sterilization procedures and working within a tight start-up schedule, anything can happen. In recent years we have worked in close collaboration with our clients to strengthen our health and safety training and policies to create a safer working environment for our engineers.

Environmentally Conscious

Our planet is at severe environmental risk, and we are all concerned and often helpless against this threat. However, we at Laporte have the technical expertise to reduce the environmental footprint of your projects. We must put even more ingenuity and effort into implementing less energy-intensive processes and reducing waste in our projects. We are also fortunate to work for clients who are developing innovative products. No cause is more worthy of our efforts. It is our duty as engineers.


Laporte is a private company controlled 100% by its directors. We have succeeded in sustaining the company by integrating younger shareholders who can buy shares at an affordable cost and benefit from advantageous financing. As all of our subsidiaries are owned 100% by Laporte, the shareholders own shares in the overall holding company, Laporte & Associates, creating real synergy between the various entities of the company. We have implemented a plan to ensure the representation of each region in proportion to its level of activity.

Enjoy the Process!

Our job is demanding but much more pleasant when we do it with joy and good humor!

Company Evolution


Daniel Laporte founded Laporte Experts Conseils.

Opening of the Montreal office offering process and mechanical engineering services to the pharmaceutical industry.

First food and beverage project at the Molson brewery in Montreal.

Opening of the Quebec office.

By the end of the year the company has 10 employees.

Opening of the Toronto office.

Opening of the Vancouver office through David Cyr’s relocation.

Dave Lalancette, Michel Gigon, François Landry, and Harold Martineau join Daniel Laporte as shareholders of the company, at 20% each.

By the end of the year the company has 30 employees.

Addition of automation and validation to our offered services.

First project in Europe, in Auvergne (France), on behalf of the Lallemand company.

Significant increase in our number of food & beverage clients.

Laporte becomes the primary project consultant for some major pharmaceutical and food and beverage companies, offering a complete range of engineering services including filling and packaging.

By the end of the year the company has 70 employees.

Opening of the European office, Laporte Euro, located in Nantes, France and managed by Pierre Thibaud.

Integration of four junior shareholders to ensure the sustainability of the company: David Cyr, Émilie Pelletier, Pierre Thibaud, and Samuel Hillman.

Laporte Euro acquires Delta Field in Lyon (7 employees) thus establishing a third office in France.

By the end of the year the company has 200 employees.

Opening of an office in Chicago, Illinois.

Opening of a new office in St-Hyacinthe, Quebec and in Pau, France through the relocation of Jean-Pierre Carrara.

Maxime Dubois takes over management of the Lyon, France office.

Jeff Babuin, president of Erichson – an electrical engineering company, and 5 employees join Laporte Engineering.

Laporte celebrates its 20-year anniversary in February with a big party at Club Soda in Montreal!

Greg Scrivener, president of Cold Dynamics – a company specializing in industrial refrigeration, and 4 employees join Laporte Engineering.

The engineering company IPSB, based in Fontainebleau (south of Paris) and specializing in industrial biotechnology, and its 40 employees join the group as a wholly owned subsidiary, becoming Laporte’s fifth engineering company. Jean-Manuel Morant, director of IPSB, becomes a member of the board of directors of Laporte & Associates.

Today Laporte has more than 330 employees, including twenty shareholders, nearly 300 loyal clients and has worked more than 3,000 factory projects in North America and Europe.

Several projects were stopped or put on hold in the spring and summer due to COVID-19. This period was followed by a strong rebound of our activities in the fall.

The engineering firm IPSB, based in France and specialized in agroindustry and bioindustry, joins the Laporte group.

Opening of a new office in Belgium managed by Cédric Pronchery.

Strong recovery in our business sectors, which translates into an increase in our team: Laporte now has 475 employees.

Board of Directors